Date: 2009

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Reaching the world through the gospel of Christ.


To raise and mentor believers all over the world to evangelise their communities and nations with the word of Christ , through church planting, crusades, media, etc thus reconciling such communities and nations with God.

Prayer Network Ministry


  1. To prove the application of the word of Christ Jesus as the foundation of building economic prosperity through business.

  2. To train Christian business people and leaders the Ethical Christian way of doing business and leadership.

  3. Training business persons and leaders on the need to mentor others in the Christian way of doing business.

  4. To teach Christian business leaders of the need to support the gospel of Jesus Christ thus honoring Deut. 8; 18.

  5. To provide a forum of networking Christian business leaders and persons within Africa and also create a link between them and such business leaders from the rest of the world.

  6. To involve Christian business leaders in missionary work thus giving them a link through the preaching of the gospel to the rest of the business world, giving them opportunities to also share their experiences with others on their faith as Christian business believers.

  7. To encourage Christian business leaders to prayer and the word of God as the foundation on which all business transactions are based on, through prayer breakfast meetings, dinners, and such gatherings.

  8. Hold business conferences/ summits whereby other leaders in the business fraternity are invited to share their experiences, challenges, and successes as Christian business leaders thereby building Faith and strong convictions on their chances to make it as Christian business leaders.

  9. As Christian business leaders initiate, and support projects aimed at alleviating human suffering either caused by either, poverty, disease, and natural calamities.

  10. To support upcoming Christian business leaders venture into business by providing advice, training and financial services.