Date: 2009

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Prayer Network Ministry
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May-July, 2009
September, 2009
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To impart believer with revelation knowledge on prayer.


To train the believer on diverse areas of prayer so as to enable them live a fruitful life in salvation.

Many believers have prayed for so long with little success. There is so much discouragement in the area of prayer such that many believers have given up on prayer.
Yet we are called to win. Prayer without revelation knowledge amounts to frustration. The bible says in Ecl. 10:10 “If the axe is dull and its edge unsharpened, more strength is needed, but skill will bring success”. When you pray with knowledge, you achieve tremendous results.
So as you join this school, come with a mind to learn and apply the teachings, and your prayer life shall never be the same again.

School of prayer curriculum.

1. Understanding the art of prayer.

- What is prayer
- Intercession
- The power of prayer
- Does God answer prayer?- The place of faith.
- The Holy Spirit and prayer
- Principles of prayer (Right attitude and Mentality)
-  Effectiveness in prayer

2. Unmasking the Babylonian system.

- What is witchcraft?
- What are its effects
- How does it operate
- Forms of witchcraft.
- Witchcraft in the church and how it affects you.
- The authority of a believer over witchcraft.
- Going to the throne of God’s judgment.

3. Priesthood

- What is priesthood?
- Satanic priesthood
- The believer’s priesthood.
- Priesthood authority.

4. The prophetic ministry

- What is prophecy?
- Prophetic intercession
- The power of spoken words
- The spirit of revelation.

5. Visions, dreams, trance.

- Their power
- How Satan manipulates them
- How to break demonic programmings through dreams over your life.
- Interpretation of dreams and visions.

6. The spiritual realm

- The soul, spirit and body.
- How it affects us.
- Dealing with the heavens.
- How the witches manipulate the heavens.
- Dealing with demonic transfer

7. Spiritual warfare

- Is it there?
- Understanding demons
- Understanding altars and high places
- Understanding principalities and strong men.
- The family foundations and their effects on us.
- Dealing with strong men
-The art of breaking curses and foundations.
- Praying for unsaved family members.

8. Angelic ministry and prayer

- Who are angels?
- Angels on mission for you.
- Their place in warfare
- The divine hedge they provide.
- The messengers of fire.
- Fallen angels

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